Recording Set Up – AKAAI MPK Mini, Alesis SA-16 drum machine, Mooner Micro Drummer, JBL LSR305 5″ powered studio monitors, State of the art Mac Computer, Art P16 patchbay, Vic Firth isolation headphones, 2 pair of Teac CT-H02 Headphones, 2 Tascam TH-02 Headphones, Tascam TH-200X headphones, 1 Tascam US-1800 interface, CD duplicator, Korg studio nano KONTROL, 2 LiveWire direct boxes, 1 Monoprice direct box, Focusrite Scarlett 2i2, Behringer HA400.


Software – Ignite, MPC Essentials, Hybrid 3, Wobble, MPK Mini MIDI Editor, Pro Tools 12, Cubase LE5.


Plug-ins and MIDI Instruments – Too many to list. But a very nice wide selection.


Mics – 2 Shure PG48, 2 Reidea Lavalier Lapel, Audio-Technica AT2020, Shure SM58, 2 Behringer C-2, Nady DM-80, 3 Shure SM57, Digital Ref. DRK100, 2 Digital Ref. DRC100, 4 Digital Ref. DRST100, Shure SM7B.


Drums/Percussion – 5 piece Argent drum set, Pdp kick pedal, PDP 700 series drum throne, Pdp cymbal stands, SP cymbal stands, Tama cymbal stands, Zildjian 16″ ZHT china, Zildjian 14″ ZBT hihats, Zildjian 16″ ZBT plus medium thin crash, Zildjian 18″ ZBT crash/ride, Zildjian 20″ ZBT ride, PDP 700 series hihat stand, Zildjian 10″ ZBT splash, Evans level 360 drum heads, Stagg CB305BK 5.5 inch Rock Cowbell, Meinl Egg Shakers, Remo Ta-5210-00 10″ Tambourine, Nino Percussion NINO952 17.75 inch Birch Cajon.


Amps – Kustom KXB200 bass amp head, Kustom KG100HFX guitar amp head, Kustom KDE115 bass cab, Kustom KG412 guitar cab, Kustom Arrow 16R guitar amp.


Guitars – Dean Andes Exotica acoustic electric guitar, Dean Edge 09 4-string electric bass, electric guitar with a Les Paul style body hand made.


Effects – 2 Hand made Pedal boards, Ebow Plus, Tom’s line Octpus, Dunlop Volume X mini, Dunlop chrome slide, 4 Capos, PT-5 pedal tuner, Joyo Roll Boost, Joyo Noise Gate, Joyo Digital Delay, Joyo Classic Chorus, AB pedal, Donner tuner pedal, TC Electronic Ditto Looper, Dunlop Cry Baby Mini Wah, Mosky Dyna Compressor, Mooer Acoustikar, Mighty Sound M3 Fuzz, Joyo Sweet Baby Overdrive, Joyo Ultimate Drive, Tom’s line Bluesy Vintage Blues Overdrive, Mighty Sound M1 Distortion, Joyo High Gain Distortion, Tom’s line GT EQ, Mooer Pitch Box, Mighty Sound M4 Chorus, Monoprice Flanger, Joyo Vintage Phase, Joyo Tremolo, Mosky SHO Booster, Joyo D-Speed Delay, EX AE-1 Ambient Echo, Donner Surge Rotater Reverb, Joyo Gate of Kahn Noise Gate, DigiTech RP80V.