Song Production

Most people think an audio producer will alter or change their music. This should not be the case.  A producer’s job is to help the artist design the framework of the music; to apply a distinctive label to your sound.  My job is to unify the collective vision of your music and make sure you sound flawless on every track.

Traditional Recording

We record one track at a time, then layer them together, giving us a beginning point for editing and mixing.

Live Group Recording

For the group that is well prepared and looking for the sound of a live band we can record up to a 5-piece band (a Quintet).

CD Duplication

For your convenience I can duplicate your CD so you can sell it online or at shows, however you sell your audio.


It does not matter where or how you record your tracks. We offer super high quality and top-notch audio mixing. The possibilities with mixing are endless when you have the right tools and the expertise to use them properly.


The process of mastering is complex. It does not just make your final mixes louder; it makes them richer, punchy, and more saturated. We can help you bring the most out of your audio mix.

Guitar Lessons

Our beginners guitar lessons starts out easy and gradually gets harder. Our guitar instructor has been playing guitar for 26 years. He can also teach special needs kids as well.